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Liability Protection

You don’t have to be a multi-million dollar corporation to be sued like one.

In business, there are many different risks that expose you to the possibility of being sued. The more successful your business is, the greater the risk of being sued; however, even small businesses should not underestimate the possibility and financial impacts of a lawsuit. One lawsuit could end years of effort spent building your business.

General liability
Liability insurance protects you from claims of injury or damage to third parties. A general business liability policy provides coverage for more common risks of bodily injury to customers or visitors to your premise or property damage. It is extremely important to have proper liability insurance protection for your company, your employees and you in the event that you are sued.

Specialized liability insurance options
Bodily injury or physical damage is what most people think of when it comes to liability; however, there are a variety of other liability exposures that can put your company at financial risk. General liability insurance does not protect against professional negligence that can lead to an expensive legal defense.

Depending on your type of business there are a variety of specialized protection options to consider. To learn more, you can select from the partial list below. Or, if you want to discuss specific liability insurance needs for your business, email, call or visit us. Our trusted associates will help you develop a custom protection plan that fits your business.

Commercial Umbrella

Even if you’ve purchased solid liability protection with good limits on your other policies, there may still be a need to have a higher level of liability protection. A Commercial Umbrella Policy provides an extra layer of protection over and above other liability policies you have to better financially protect yourself in the event of lawsuits, settlements and jury awards. It's a cost effective way of providing $1 million or more of coverage. Most insurance companies will require a minimum level of protection on other policies you have in order to qualify for an umbrella policy.

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