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Property & Equipment

You work hard to be successful.
Protect your assets and all you've built.

Your business needs to be protected financially from the loss of buildings, equipment and business personal property in the event of fire, theft or other covered types of damage or destruction. If your business involves servicing other people’s property, you should have protection while it’s in your possession. Also, beyond physical damage to property, you can also protect your business from lost income resulting from a covered loss.

Coverage solutions to fit unique needs.
There are a variety of coverage options to help protect your business. You can select from the list of insurance protection options below to learn more about each. This is just a partial list of protection we can provide. To discuss specific property and equipment protection needs for your business, email, call or visit us. Our trusted associates will help you develop a custom protection plan that fits your business.

Do you run a business from your home?
Today, home operated businesses are ever increasing in number. What many home business owners may not realize is that Homeowners insurance has a variety of exclusions for business property kept at or in the owner’s home or in his personal vehicle. If you run a home business make sure you have proper coverage to protect you from financial hardship.

Property Insurance

Property insurance pays for losses and damages to real or business personal property from a variety of “perils” (occurences that result in damage or destruction). Insurance can be purchased in a package covering a different combination of causes of loss, or you may purchase components separately depending on your specific needs. While covered perils vary depending on the policy you purchase, many policies provide for repair or replacement caused by:

  • Fire – including damage from smoke and water used to put out a fire
  • Weather - lightning, windstorms, hailstorms, tornadoes
  • Equipment failure – damage from bursting of heating, plumbing or hot water systems
  • Explosions
  • Collapse of roof or walls
  • Damage by vehicles
  • Theft or burglary
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief

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Tenant's Insurance

If you lease your commercial space and have made significant improvements, you should have insurance with specified coverage limits that pays for damage.

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Business Interruption & Extra Expense Insurance

A loss situation could result in your business not being able to operate for a period of time. If a covered situation causes you to close, business interruption insurance can cover expenses and lost income including net profits, rents, salaries and other expenses for that period of time. It can also provide protection for setting up a temporary business operation as well as a variety of other costs. There are a variety of options available with this type of coverage.

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Boiler and Machinery Breakdown

This coverage protects you if machinery or other equipment breaks down causing property damage or a business interruption loss.
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Builder's Risk Insurance

If you're building a new commercial or residential property, builder's risk insurance covers structures in the process of being constructed. If a partially completed building is destroyed in a fire, builder's risk insurance covers your losses. It can be purchased for a specific project or multiple ongoing projects.

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Contractor Equipment Insurance

As a contractor you may carry tools, equipment, spare parts and other items important to your profession in a vehicle that moves with you. An automobile policy doesn’t cover your business equipment, so you need special coverage. You may choose to schedule equipment or purchase a blanket policy depending on your needs.
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Contractor Installation Insurance

As a contractor, electrician, plumber or other artisan, you may install some expensive materials or units as part of your job. You may need this type of coverage for damage or losses that could occur during installation as well as losses that can occur during transportation or temporary storage prior to installation.

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Debris Removal Insurance

If your building burns down, you will have to remove the remains of the old building before you can start construction. Basic property insurance covers costs to rebuild, but not debris removal. Debris removal insurance pays for removing debris after a covered loss so that you can begin to rebuild.

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Ordinance or Law Insurance

Building property insurance only pays for replacement value not upgrade costs. If you own an older building that is partially destroyed by a covered loss, you may find that local codes require it to be brought up to current building code standards during the rebuilding process. For example, you could be required to put in an elevator to comply with access requirements for the disabled. Not having this coverage could be financially devastating.

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Service or Care of Others Property

If your business involves the service, repair or storage of other people’s property, you need bailee insurance protection in the event that it is lost or damaged while in your care. This coverage provides comprehensive protection in most situations even if the property is away from your facility or is stolen. Another option is “personal property of others” coverage; however, it has more limitations and may not be the best choice depending on your line of business. This type of protection is often purchased by auto mechanics, computer technicians, dry cleaners, jewelers, veterinarians, etc.

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Crime Insurance

Depending on the value of business assets your company owns or your exposure for financial theft from employees or outsiders, this may be a coverage option to consider. Even if your basic property insurance policy covers crime situations, you may want higher protection limits for your business.
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Transportation & Property in Transit

Transit and transportation insurance needs can vary significantly depending on your business. You may need insurance coverage for a specific single shipment or an open policy covering all shipments and movement during your policy term. You may need insurance protection for all types of shipments by any carrier including third-parties or require only domestic transit coverage. Coverage is also available if your company is the provider of transportation services and requires protection while shipping cargo or household goods for others.

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